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The Brides present EAT ME! A Variety Show, an evening with no filters. Featuring the best Circus, Sideshow, Song and Performance Artists from NYC and beyond, EAT ME! is provocative, playfully pissed off and delightfully disgusting!  EAT ME! A Variety Show: Virtual Dinner Theatre is presented in the style of a 1950’s live broadcast T.V. Variety Show!

The Brides’ Pixie Grit Circus Sideshow is a fierce femme, old-world spectacle with a punk rock faerie twist! We invite adventurers of all ages to a realm that flits in and out of time. This magical journey is inhabited by Strong Women, an Aerial Goddess, a living, breathing Half & Half Faerie Witch, and more! Step right up for Fire Eating, Acrobatic Feats, Human Blockhead, Pincushion, Snake Dancing, Mental Floss, and even a journey to the famous Dragon Rodeo!  

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